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Rapport Building Training

(the most important skill on the planet)


Think of it! If there is anything that you want to get, or if there is anything, you need, then you will probably need someone’s help in getting it. This is true whether you are a salesperson, a teacher or even a carpenter. No matter what you do, the ability to develop and maintain rapport with the large numbers of people of varying backgrounds will allow you to get what you want. Having rapport with someone will allow you to do anything. Therefore, rapport is probably the most important skill on the planet.

In this rapport building workshop, you will learn the methods of building rapport,  you will learn the mirror and match technique.

Rapport is one of the most important skills on the planet, as it create familiarity, likeness, and closeness, one these are created, it becomes easier to access the mind and heart of the those we interact with, whether on professional, business or personal levels.

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